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While sleeping at night, there are millions of single people around the world dreaming about a warm hug around their body, a strong chest to put their head on, and a real heart for them to listen to heartbeat. Meeting a true half is difficult and asking that true half to become a special one is more difficult. Accepting the proposal of marriage is extremely hard.

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Vedic Astrology and Marriage Predictions

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Traditionally, there are many ways of predicting a happy marriage because marriage is such an important matter. In our article, we will introduce one of different methods for foreseeing whether the level of possibilities of happy marriage is high or not. It is Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology and Marriage Predictions

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By looking at the birth chat of the bride and the groom, Vedic astrology not only knows the level of compatibility, but also how long the marriage lasts.

According to Vedic astrology, 3 factors contribute largely to the success of marriage are relationship of planets providing information about the level of agreement, Kuja dosha, and Ashta Kootas. Each of them has certain importance, but Ashta Koota Milan is regarded as the most important by some people.

Houses are considered important factors too. To some astrologers, the second, seventh and eighth house are remarkable. For instance, the eighth house tells us about the longevity of the life partner, so this house should be checked carefully.

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To other astrologers, the fifth, seventh and eleventh house are more important. Our astrologers will examine every house carefully in terms of longevity, intimacy, harmony, and romance etc. in order to give you the most precise result.

Furthermore, you not only make predictions, but also have a lot of secrets relating to love and marriage like ways of increasing the level of compatibility or keeping fire in marital life. With Marriage Prediction, you will feel satisfied.

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